Ding #3 – Booth

Last Wednesday I heard back from my last R1 school, Booth. Unfortunately after a frustrating day of waiting by my phone and attempting to not incessantly check Gmatclub, all I received was radio silence. At the designated time I checked the application page and received another “unfortunately I regret to inform you …”. It was a pretty bitter pill to swallow but nothing I can do now. I guess the frustrating part was coming somewhat close (i.e. receiving interview invitations from both Booth and Wharton) and failing to convert on any of my R1 applications.So after going 0/3 in R1, what’s next? I am still waiting on my Tuck application for November round. Not only is this my (potentially) final shot, it is also my favourite school. From going to visit, initiating an interview, and networking with current students and alums, I have tried to do everything I possibly can to get into Tuck. However, we will see in 7 weeks whether Tuck reciprocates my affection.

Previously I mentioned Kellogg, I am pretty close to be in a position to submit an app for R2. I know that each application is a separate discrete event but in light of my performance for R1, I am definitely uncertain about the package and story that I am submitting. Clearly, it is not resonating strongly enough. This will be something to ponder over the Christmas and New Years period.

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5 Responses to Ding #3 – Booth

  1. sarahrs81 says:

    Your getting interviews, so your package is good! Might want to see if there you can improve come interview day. Good luck with Tuck.

    • domotron says:

      Yup although I think I am just missing that extra spark that pushes me from a decent candidate to an admit. Back to the drawing board!

  2. Lucas says:

    Sorry to hear that. I know how you feel — the process can be a bit of a rollercoaster, especially when you get interviews and then get rejected. Thankfully for me, its over: I’ve been admitted to my 2nd choice school (one of the trinity of H/S/W) and I’ll be matriculating at that school. Still, getting a rejection from my 1st choice school after an interview was an extremely painful blow, and one that I’m still trying to figure out.

    Good luck! And stay positive.

  3. hbstimes says:

    Don’t give up. If you get interviews, it means your story is good. Try to be as relaxed as possible during interviews. Don’t consider them as interviews, but as a chat. I made a joke during my HBS interview and made my interviewers laugh… which might have been a risky move… but I think they saw it as a sign of self-confidence and definitely made me stand out between the hundreds of other applicants.

    Good luck!

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