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Summing up my application experience: Lucky to be a Tuckie

  Slight obscure reference in this gif: see Jimmy Fallon’s evolution of hip-hop dancing! This was first posted on GmatClub http://gmatclub.com/forum/lucky-to-be-a-tuckie-169900.html When After a somewhat tumultuous period at work, I wanted to answer the question “What’s next?”. I felt like … Continue reading

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Ding #3 – Booth

Last Wednesday I heard back from my last R1 school, Booth. Unfortunately after a frustrating day of waiting by my phone and attempting to not incessantly check Gmatclub, all I received was radio silence. At the designated time I checked … Continue reading

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Ding #2 – Wharton

Wharton said thanks but no thanks. I honestly thought my team-based discussion and subsequent interview went well. I guess it may not have compensated for a somewhat marginal application in the first place. A real mixture of emotions at this … Continue reading

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State of lethargy

I have descended into a state of lethargy after my interviews. I know that I have to finish my Kellogg app as soon as possible to make sure I get a shot at an off-campus interview. However, the motivation really … Continue reading

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Booth interview debrief

*It’s the final countdown* So I had my Booth interview on the weekend. I will get to the recap in a second. With the interview done, I am in the phase of counting down until decision day. In some ways … Continue reading

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Different strokes for different folks

I had a comment recently asking about how my list of schools work. I must admit, I wasn’t hugely surprised. At first glance, it does look like a disparate list of top 10 schools with very different characteristics. However, I … Continue reading

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Tuck is in

I just hit the submit button for Tuck application and with it my hopes and dreams. I have spent weeks working on my essays but even so it felt a bit like I was throwing up a non look shot … Continue reading

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