Ding #2 – Wharton

Wharton said thanks but no thanks. I honestly thought my team-based discussion and subsequent interview went well. I guess it may not have compensated for a somewhat marginal application in the first place. A real mixture of emotions at this point. The tough thing was getting closer with Wharton (i.e. receiving an interview invitation) but still no end result as yet.

This leaves Booth as the last school standing in R1 with calls due tomorrow and final decisions on Thursday. Not feeling at all optimistic at this point about my chances at Booth but we will see. Tomorrow is another day and it’s completely out of my hands now! Congrats to those who received good news today from Wharton. A whole bunch of schools are releasing their decisions tomorrow so best of luck everyone.

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7 Responses to Ding #2 – Wharton

  1. hamm0 says:

    Sorry to hear domo. If it is any consolation, they didn’t like me either.

    Good luck at Booth – I am really pulling for you. Don’t worry about the other dings: each decision is a unique event. As we like to say in the investment industry “Past performance does not indicate future success”, or in your case, past failure does not indicate future failure. Keep your head up. You only need one.

  2. hugoness says:

    Sorry to hear it. Anyway, it doesn´t mean that your Booth application is any worse/less worthy now than it was yesterday so do not despair, game is still on!

  3. poeticquant says:

    Hang in there Domo. Best of luck with Booth. Tomorrow is another big decision day for alot of schools.

  4. Lucas says:

    Sorry to hear that. Good luck with Booth.

  5. knightmba says:

    So sorry to hear that Domo. I wish you all the best with Booth.

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  7. domotron says:

    Thanks for all the kind words. Holding out hope for my favourite school Tuck now!

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