State of lethargy

I have descended into a state of lethargy after my interviews. I know that I have to finish my Kellogg app as soon as possible to make sure I get a shot at an off-campus interview. However, the motivation really is not there at the moment. Rather than being ruthlessly efficient and shutting out all the distractions to work on my essays, I find myself counting down the days until decisions come out.

Wharton is first with their decisions being released on the 17th before Booth on the 19th. By my count that’s 12 days away. This could be the longest 12 days ever. Luckily, I am not the only one who feels this way. If you survey the various Calling All Applicants threads on GmatClub you will notice that all the applicants’ nerves are equally frayed. Whenever I speak to current students or alums, they have always said the waiting was the worst part.

One thing is very clear in my mind though. I only need one school to say yes. If I get an admit in a couple of weeks then all pressure is off. However there is every chance that I am left without an admit after the decision dates, at point which I will need to re-evaluate my R2 options or even thinking about re-applying next year. I don’t want to think about the worst case scenarios but I can’t help being pragmatic!

As for my other school Tuck, I have a MUCH longer wait since I applied in the November round. The decision date is not until early February. To be completely honest, I have gone slightly gaga over the school. Of all the schools I have applied this, it’s the one where I have gone above and beyond to engage with students, alums and admissions. All this work inevitably builds a level of hope and expectation. It’s going to bea long 2 months with frequent daydreams of getting that admit call.

Best of luck to everyone waiting on decisions in December. Hope you are all just about coping with the looong wait!

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7 Responses to State of lethargy

  1. MBA my way says:

    “I only need one school to say yes. If I get an admit in a couple of weeks then all pressure is off.” That’s exactly how I’ve been thinking! Just give me that one…cmon, just one…

    Re: the off-campus Kellogg interview…I completely missed that whole thing about Kellogg’s weird early deadlines and stuff, so I submitted my app the day before the final round 1 deadline, and I still got my off campus interview scheduled with no problem. Not that I want to add to your lethargy 🙂

    • domotron says:

      Haha thanks to be honest it’s more to do with feeling drained by the process. If I get a ding from Wharton, I’m sure suddenly my motivation will go up ten-fold!

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  3. SmackOfHam says:

    10 days until R1 decisions start rolling in. Been trying to work on Columbia, but managed to get about 2 paragraphs done over 3 weekends. Good luck to you sir, entertaining blog

  4. Ward2012 says:

    Yep, i’m right there with you. Getting kind of antsy here and also totally checked out at work and not able to focus.

  5. DG89 says:

    “To be completely honest, I have gone slightly gaga over the school.”
    I can completely relate on that – EA applicant. To be honest, it’s a school that’s worth going bat-shit crazy about.

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