Congrats to my fellow bloggers

Rather than talk about me (since I have absolutely 0 to update on) I want to send my congratulations to two three of my fellow bloggers who have got their first admits over the last few day:

1) Hamm0 for his admit to Johnson,
2) Timbob for getting into HBS, and
3) Expectingmbamilf for getting into Stanford GSB!

I know they all have put in a huge amount of work into their applications and they deserve a round of applause for it paying off!

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2 Responses to Congrats to my fellow bloggers

  1. Timbob says:

    Hey Dom, you’re way too kind. It’s awful waiting. I wish you all the luck I possibly can for your deadlines next week!

  2. Thank you so much !
    I wish you a great holiday season and keep my fingers crossed for you for the next decision releases 🙂 never give up !!

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