Part 1 GMAT – Elements of an MBA application series

I will hold my hands up, I don’t think I am at all qualified to give advice about MBA applications since I hardly aced the application season. However, I am keen to pass on what I did learn along the way and debunk a few myths that seem to perpetuate regarding the application process. I will also talk about what I think worked (or didn’t work) for me on each element of my application and how it came together in an admit for Tuck! Feel free to throw in your comments, refute some of my points because I certaintly don’t claim to be an expert. Continue reading

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Tuck bound!

I’m in at Tuck! Last Thursday I got the all important call and I was/am still absolutely ecstatic. For those that have followed my journey so far, they will know that Tuck has been my top choice since I visited. It was incredible to finally wrap up my b-school application journey. Continue reading

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Great Scott! It’s mid Jan…

It’s been over two week since I posted here (where did the time go) and there is a whole bunch of stuff to update on. Time is flying by this January for sure. Without further ado, the first thing is to thank all you readers. This blog has exceed the 10,000 views mark and well on the way to 11k. I find it truly humbling that you all continue to visit and read this blog. Continue reading

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Happy new year!

Happy new year all. Another year has flown by and it is one that I have much to be thankful for. Sure not everything went my way but on the whole more went right than wrong! 2014 brings with it new hope, new challenges, and hopefully lots of fun. I look forward to sharing my highs and lows with you all in 2014.

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Ding #3 – Booth

Last Wednesday I heard back from my last R1 school, Booth. Unfortunately after a frustrating day of waiting by my phone and attempting to not incessantly check Gmatclub, all I received was radio silence. At the designated time I checked the application page and received another “unfortunately I regret to inform you …”. It was a pretty bitter pill to swallow but nothing I can do now. I guess the frustrating part was coming somewhat close (i.e. receiving interview invitations from both Booth and Wharton) and failing to convert on any of my R1 applications. Continue reading

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Ding #2 – Wharton

Wharton said thanks but no thanks. I honestly thought my team-based discussion and subsequent interview went well. I guess it may not have compensated for a somewhat marginal application in the first place. A real mixture of emotions at this point. The tough thing was getting closer with Wharton (i.e. receiving an interview invitation) but still no end result as yet.

This leaves Booth as the last school standing in R1 with calls due tomorrow and final decisions on Thursday. Not feeling at all optimistic at this point about my chances at Booth but we will see. Tomorrow is another day and it’s completely out of my hands now! Congrats to those who received good news today from Wharton. A whole bunch of schools are releasing their decisions tomorrow so best of luck everyone.

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Pick me!

How time flies. Only 1 more sleep till the madness begins. Tomorrow I vouch not to stare at my phone the entire day or refresh Gmatclub obsessively… we will see how long that lasts. Let’s go Wharton do me a huge favour and put me at ease with a call tomorrow!

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