Nominated for Clear Admit Best of Blogging 2013-2014

I was saw from my fellow bloggers hamm0, MBAMyWay, and SarahMBAJourney that I had been nominated for the prestigious Clear Admit Best of Blogging 2013-2014. My first reaction was of course shock. Looking at the list of nominees, the quality of my other nominees’ blogs are all extremely high (frankly far better than mine!). I definitely did not expect to be in with a shot of winning a BoB when I started my blog to document my MBA application journey. So thanks all of my readers for all your support!

Voting can be done by following this link, or by tweeting your top three favorites – along with the hashtag #ClearAdmitBoB –  to @clearadmit. Voting will conclude on Wednesday, May 28th. And now, with no further delay, the nominees for the 2013-2014 Best of Blogging Awards:





Two Years at HBS



MBA Over 30

Boots to Suits


Just wanted to add you all are not getting rid of me that easily. This is not the end of my blogging days oh no. Hopefully, I will have a few more fun things to update about like financial aid, visas, health forms and more before the mayhem of Fall A begins. Joking aside, it’s been surprisingly busy making sure I am all set for my move to Hanover in August.

Which leads me nicely onto the last thing. I CANNOT believe that essay prompts and deadlines have already been released for future Class of 2017 Tuckies. Has it really been a whole year since I started stressing about writing essays and meeting deadlines? Good luck to all the applicants this fall, especially GrantMeAdmission a brand new blogger charting his way to successful applications this fall!

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2 Responses to Nominated for Clear Admit Best of Blogging 2013-2014

  1. Thanks for the shout out and all the help Domo… Have fun being a T’16 and keep the blog alive! (Gotta see all they great things you do!)

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