Tuck bound!

I’m in at Tuck! Last Thursday I got the all important call and I was/am still absolutely ecstatic. For those that have followed my journey so far, they will know that Tuck has been my top choice since I visited. It was incredible to finally wrap up my b-school application journey.

I have to thank a few people because honestly without them I doubt I would have survived this whole b-school application ordeal! First of all, my fellow applicants hamm0 and jumsumtak from Gmatclub. It’s been great sharing all the ups and downs with you guys. I am really glad you guys got into Johnson (hamm0) and Fuqua (jumsumtak). Finally thanks to all the readers of this blog. It’s been fun keeping you guys in the loop even during the tougher times!

Next steps

By my count there are only 6 months before I land in Hanover but there seems to be a ton of things on my to do list already:

  • Order official transcripts
  • Pay deposit
  • Decide whether to go to ASW (more on this later)
  • Organise finances
  • Apply for financial aid
  • Do the homework we have already been assigned! (yes seriously, turns out everyone gets an mbamath account to do before starting

That’s just the basic administrative things and doesn’t include anything to do with work. The next 6 months is going to fly by I imagine and I will be in Fall A before I know it.

One thing I am extremely conscious about is making time for my friends and family. This whole process has been pretty time consuming and it means I have not spent as much time with friends, family, girlfriend as much as I wanted to. I will definitely be making the most of the next 6 months making up for lost time. This brings me onto the Tuck Admitted Students Weekend (ASW). I’m not going to lie, it sounds absolutely amazing and I am really eager to meet my future classmates as soon as possible. However there is a relatively substantial cost involve for me to get to Hanover. Also it may mean sacrificing a last holiday with my girlfriend before I set off. It’s a very tough decision but having visited Tuck last October, it may be that I will give it a miss. Plenty of time still to change my mind!

When I get a chance, I am going to start a series of posts about the different aspects of the application process and giving a flavour of how I tackled each portion. Hopefully, it will prove useful for future applicants.

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19 Responses to Tuck bound!

  1. Reader says:

    Congrats!! I’ve been checking your blog everyday in hopes of reading this exact post! I’m glad you got into your dream school. Best of luck and thank you for blogging your journey!

  2. MBA my way says:

    Congrats domotron!! So happy for you!

  3. hamm0 says:

    Congrats Domo! I had a feeling this one would work out for you… You really put a lot into this application and the result was well deserved. Its a shame you won’t be coming to Johnson, though :-p

    • domotron says:

      Cheers hamm0 I think you had more confidence in me than I did towards the end! I actually thought there would be a pretty high chance you, jum and I would be classmates but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Meet up at Winter Carnival!

      • jum says:

        A bit late here. However, congrats again Dom. So glad it worked out in the end. Not much of a surprise to hamm0 and me perhaps :p
        Also, share the same sentiment about being classmates. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again 🙂

  4. DG89 says:

    Well done mate! It’ll be fun catching up in Hanover!

  5. Lucas says:

    Congratulations! Definitely a great place to spend 2 years. I’m in the same boat as you about trying to spend more time with family and friends after devoting so much time last year to my MBA applications. Good luck with organizing everything and getting to Hanover.

  6. hugoness says:

    Congrats Domotron!!
    I am really happy to read the good news. Now take your time to rest before the school starts. I hope you keep sharing your experiences, now as a Tuckie. I will be, in fact, visiting in 4 weeks, Ill let you know how it goes.

    • domotron says:

      Yup resting is definitely part of the plan since Fall A and Fall B will be so intense. I will definitely try and keep blogging (maybe even contribute to the Tuck 360 blog?). Have fun on your visit and do let me know how it goes. Happy to help in any way for your 2015 Tuck application too.

  7. jacg20 says:

    Again, Congratulations Domotron!
    I still hope you change your mind and be able to see you in ASW. Maybe you can go with your girlfriend and have a romantic weekend in Hanover. But I totally agree with your thoughts of spending this 6 months with family, girlfriend and friends.
    So excited to meet y’all, Class 2016!

  8. poeticquant says:

    BOOOOOOM!!! Congrats domo!!!

  9. domotron says:

    Thanks! congrats on your Kellogg admit.

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