Great Scott! It’s mid Jan…

It’s been over two week since I posted here (where did the time go) and there is a whole bunch of stuff to update on. Time is flying by this January for sure. Without further ado, the first thing is to thank all you readers. This blog has exceed the 10,000 views mark and well on the way to 11k. I find it truly humbling that you all continue to visit and read this blog.

OK so getting back to my updates for Jan. December was a rough month and I found it pretty tough to swallow the bad news from both Booth and Wharton. However, the time off over Christmas and New Year also gave me an opportunity to reflect and look ahead to 2014. I am definitely still in the game for two schools, Tuck and Kellogg. I submitted my Kellogg application just before the R2 deadline and recently received an off-campus interview. While unlike other schools, Kellogg tries to interview all applicants if possible so I can’t read too much into it. However it sure beats having my interview waived. It gives me an opportunity to present another data point and hopefully demonstrate what I consider to be one of my strengths, my interpersonal skills.

As for Tuck, I can’t believe it’s only 3 weeks (+1 day) until decision day. It’s absolutely flown by and I am looking forward to getting my decision, whether it is positive or not. Over Christmas, I did a lot of thinking with regards to my contingency plan. Effectively, Tuck is the litmus test. It is the school I did the most research on and tried to go above and beyond for. If it’s a straight ding then it’s back to the drawing board. It’s a clear sign that maybe I didn’t execute as I had hoped this application season. At which point, I will start looking ahead to R1 2014. An MBA is still very much part of my plan and I don’t see that changing in the short term. Don’t worry, I haven’t given up hope of an admit this season but it’s good to have contingencies in place. Hopefully I will receive the good news in 3 weeks time and can scrap all the other plans!

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7 Responses to Great Scott! It’s mid Jan…

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  2. hamm0 says:

    Domo – 10k views! Congrats!

    Good luck waiting over the next few weeks – My advice is to try to keep your mind busy with other things.

    • domotron says:

      Thanks hamm0. That’s the plan to be honest I am caught up in a lot of things at the moment so time is flying by!

  3. Best of luck Domotron! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

    And congrats on the views, that’s awesome!

  4. Good luck on Kellogg and Tuck. I’m in for the January round for Tuck, so I have to wait until March 14 to find out my decision. I have a good feeling about Tuck, hopefully we can be classmates next year.

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