Booth interview debrief

*It’s the final countdown*
So I had my Booth interview on the weekend. I will get to the recap in a second. With the interview done, I am in the phase of counting down until decision day. In some ways I am quite glad I have nothing else to wait for now, it means I can (almost) put Booth aside and think about others schools or, god forbid, relax! So without further ado, let’s recap the interview.

To prepare for the interview, I relied mainly on the ClearAdmit interview reports that are freely available on their website. It really gives you a sense of what to expect and typical questions to prepare for. In addition, I bought their interview guides after one of my fellow bloggers, MBA the non profit way, recommending the Yale one. I have to say, for those in a rush, it is a great little resource for $19.99 (if I remember correctly). I bought guides for Booth and Wharton. Comparing them, there are a lot of crossover but it is a quick and easy way of collating past questions in one handy pdf. Using the guide and the interview reports, I mainly spent my time jotting down notes on how I would approach the typical questions of:

  • Walk me through your resume
  • Short-term and long-term goal
  • Why MBA
  • Why Booth
  • How will you contribute at Booth

So onto the day itself. I interviewed off campus in London, where Booth have a pretty awesome facility for their EMBA students. I got there fairly early so I got a chance to mingle with some other applicants. I know Booth has a reputation for being quant focused but the applicants I met were from a lot of different backgrounds, some pretty non traditional. Proving there are poets at Booth too.

The interview itself was 45 minutes long including time for questions in the end. All interviews were carried out by alums. I am not sure whether it was intentional but my interviewer happened to be working in my intended post-MBA industry. This meant she was in a great position to tell me about what resources Booth had to offer to facilitate my career switch. On the other hand, I can’t help but think the interviewer was also thinking about how suitable I am for that industry at the same time. I would say the tone was conversational but at times quite probing. After running through my resume, the interviewer honed in on specific achievements and wanted to really dig deeper as to what I did and why. I think initially I was little bit nervous but that dissipated pretty quickly. In terms of questions, there was nothing that I didn’t expect. However there were a couple of questions that were slightly unexpected that had me a little flummoxed but generally I just took a deep breath and managed to put together a decent answer. After the questions, I had the chance to ask questions and learn more about how the clubs and careers service facilitate career changes.

All in all, I think I did ok. I certainly didn’t knock it out of the park. So we will wait and see. Whatever happens, I think I gave it a good shot and it’s now out of my hands. In the mean time I am definitely going to kick back and have a beer, the application process from GMAT to school research to essay writing and finally to interviews have been completely draining.

Hopefully I will be back later this week or early next week with my debrief of my Wharton interview!

P.S. For those uninitiated this gif is from the phenomenal show that is Arrested Development.

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One Response to Booth interview debrief

  1. MBA my way says:

    Glad you found the guide helpful! I’m pretty much in the waiting game now, too, with one Round 2 app underway. But now I have some time to plan Thanksgiving dinner and make some Christmas tree ornaments. Good luck with everything!

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