Anxiety and thoughts on HBS visit

The above is what I hope my R1 schools will say and invite me to a interview. After all that’s what I think of my shortlisted schools. While I wait for any kind of feedback, I am only left with pure anxiety. After chatting to my fellow applicants hamm0 and jumsumtak, it seems like I am not the only one! I really did think that I would be handling but nope. The waiting portion is far worse than anything I have faced whilst studying for the GMAT or writing my essays.However, one thing is my Tuck application. Since I have visited and interviewed, Tuck really has been on my mind. Armed with lots of additional info about Tuck, I will spend as much time as possible making sure I present the best application I can for the November deadline. One consequence is that I did not make the Kellogg R1 deadline. I lost quite a lot of productive time on my trip and this meant my Kellogg essays were just not ready. I will wait till R2 and take my time putting together a good application.

HBS visit

Enough about anxiety. After visiting Tuck, I spent some time in Boston and got a chance to visit HBS. One of the first things that surprised me was the HBS campus. It is a 15 minutes walk across the river from the Harvard Square ‘T’ stop and the main Harvard campus. This really fosters a sense of community that I did not expect. It was a day of surprises.

I got the chance in sit in on a RC class, Financial Reporting and Control, taught by Prof. McGarvie. Of all the classes, this was actually one I wanted to sit in on because I was really intrigued as to how the case method would work with accounting concepts. The answer was surprisingly well. Rather than being a full blown accounting class, it uses accounting as a framework to analyse businesses. It was impressive how prepared the students were and there was a mixture of hand raising and cold calling.

With regards to the issues raised in the infamous New York Times article, in my short time the contributions were pretty equal from both males and females. The female members of the class looked to be just as willing to raise their hands as their male counterparts. It was only one class but my impression was that if there was a problem with inequality, it may not be as severe as the article thinks. However, it should be something HBS should keep an eye on and continually work to improve.

HBS definitely made an impression and I enjoyed it more than I expected. The hard part now is getting an interview invite. It has been radio silence so far and I am not feeling particularly hopeful. Nonetheless I am really glad I had a chance to visit and experience it for myself. I would encourage all applicants to witness the HBS case method for themselves, it really is well worth it.

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