Mini celebration then straight back to work

I have to make a confession. When I hit the submit button the HBS app, I was so ecstatic that I had a mini celebration. Well celebration in the sense that I decided I could afford to slack for a couple of days and not work on any applications. This was obviously a mistake bearing in mind at that point I had 2 and a half weeks to work on Booth and Wharton! I have to say that the two days of rest meant that I felt refreshed and was ready to attack the next 2 applications with vigour.

So this leads me onto the Wharton and Booth application. They are actually rather different. Wharton’s essays are very much what you expect from a standard MBA application. Why MBA and Why Wharton feature very prominently. However, Booth’s presentation or essay option is completely different. I honestly think there is no wrong way of answering this question providing you follow the prompt (obviously within reason, if you have a whole presentation full of lolcats it’s probably a ding).

Because of the freedom to be creative, I am actually really enjoying putting together a presentation (rather than write an essay). It definitely beats Wharton’s essays. Even if it is easier to be on point in those essays and get your message across to the adcom. Long story short, it’s back to the grind and making sure I make Wharton and Booth’s R1 deadlines.

Note to self: Chase my recommenders!

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2 Responses to Mini celebration then straight back to work

  1. 2,5 weeks and you’re done !! Good luck with your presentation then 🙂
    Are you applying to any school R2 ?

  2. domotron says:

    I’m actually applying to Kellogg R1 and Tuck November round so the work doesn’t stop quite yet!
    R2 so far I am looking at LBS and have some additional options I am considering.

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