HBS app submitted

Well, it’s done. I plucked up the courage to submit my first R1 app. Hopefully I will be slightly more successful than Gob’s attempt at throwing a letter into the sea. I feel like I have read that sucker about 20 times this evening but still live in fear for that one terrible typo. Whether it was a worthwhile application or a nice $250 donation to HBS remains to be seen. While I must admit it does feel kind of good to have one application done, I don’t exactly have time to sit back and pat myself on the back. Onwards and upwards to get my Wharton and Booth R1 apps ready!

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6 Responses to HBS app submitted

  1. Yaye! 1 down many more to go!

  2. Sanket says:

    Wonderful! All the very best for HBS !

  3. Timbob says:

    LOVE the Gif to go with it. Perfect!

    Well done, hopefully right behind you!

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  5. Félicitations from Paris !! 🙂
    I sympathize with your “$250 donation” feeling, hope it won’t be the case !

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