Looming deadlines, self doubt and Tuck interview

HBS Deadline

I am not sure where the time has gone. I’m sure it was only a few days ago that the deadlines were released. So while I’m pretty confident that I will get everything submitted on time, it’s still pretty scary. This weekend will be spent polishing up the resume and essays to iron out all the silly mistakes like grammar or typos. Luckily, one of my recommenders submitted the recommendation today. That was a huge sigh of relief as it is the one thing that is outside of my control.


One thing is that is definitely becoming frequent as the process goes on is the fluctuation between “Hell yea I am definitely competitive for this b-school material” to “Oh my god, what I am even doing applying”. I guess it just comes with the territory now that it is getting close to the deadlines. One thing that has become more apparent as I want to be one and done with b-school applications, so I may have to revise my choices for R2 schools to ensure I achieve this aim. This will at least give me some time to get some feedback from my R1 schools first before finalising my R2 list.

Tuck Visit

On the bright side, I have just booked my flights to Boston. I will interview at Tuck and visit HBS. Since it is my first visit to Boston, I want to take in the some of the sights as well. I am really excited about visiting Tuck. It really is one of my top choices, if not the top choice, for so many reasons. I just love the mentality of paying it forward, even towards prospective students. One example was the student ambassador event in London a couple of weeks ago. There were more Tuckies there than prospective students, all giving us an unbiased view of what life at Tuck was like. Some of the Tuckies were only passing through London en route to other places but they still took time out to speak with us. This type of enthusiasm and the willingness to help really epitomises the school.

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6 Responses to Looming deadlines, self doubt and Tuck interview

  1. hamm0 says:

    Ha – seems like the self doubt bug is going around… Hopefully all of us stricken by it have better results than we’re envisioning right now!

  2. Ellie says:

    You are right there…I guess it does come with the territory. Will this be your first visit States side? Fall (Autumn) will be a great time to visit Boston 🙂

    • domotron says:

      Not my first time. I have actually visited the states quite a few times. But I have not been to the East Coast for about 5 years now.

  3. Sanket says:

    I thought that the ” Self Doubt” bug has only bitten me but it seems like a common phenomenon among MBA applicants. All the best. Stay in touch.

  4. I visited Tuck and interviewed there last year. It was a great experience! Crossing my fingers and hoping for a better result this time around. Good luck with your interview!

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