Resuming my resume

This would be the reaction of a Adcom if you had a 2-page resume. Before I started work on my essays, I actually worked pretty hard on replacing my horrible 2-page CV from 2009 with a slicker 1-page version that was a bit more suitable (or so I thought). However looking at it again now, I realised it still needed A LOT of work. So what was wrong with it?

  • Format – it was actually already in a really good format but there were a few things I wanted change to make it even easier to read. I want to make it as painless for the adcoms as possible.
  • Content – major revision was needed here. I realise now that I need to consistently demonstrate impact. I go back to the point above about making it simple for the adcoms. They should not need to guess what kind of impact I have had in my previous roles, it should be present and succinct my resume.
  • Length – always 1-page, never 2. For this revision, it was already in a 1-page format but managed to lose some superfluous material and replaced them with more relevant points.

Long story short, if you think that revising your resume would be a short and painless task, think again! Having just spent the best part of 2 hours working on mine, I am only 90% happy. It will take one more revision prior to submitting my HBS application in just over two week’s time (gasp). Would be interested to know whether other applicants found the resume as tough as I did.

P.S. Look for MBA resume books, they are a really good guide as to how to format and structure resumes.

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7 Responses to Resuming my resume

  1. Great points! Enjoy reading you blog!

  2. 2 hours and 90% happy 😉 good for you!

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  4. cavegirlmba says:

    Love the little video clip!

  5. Once you’re done with your resumé, it gets easier to fill the applications form in, especially the full-time employment part. So well done !!
    I actually started my application process by updating my resumé. It’s a bit stressful to know that most of the time, it’s the only thing your interviewer will have in hand.

    • domotron says:

      Yea I definitely found that once I finished my resume, the short answer forms were a bit easier. Saying that though I still changed up some answers to show different aspects. Not sure I want my short answers and resume to basically be the same.

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