Draft 1 of 100

Thanks to Wharton releasing their essays questions, I can finally start drafting my essays. How about your HBS essay I hear you say. Well to be totally honest not too much work has gone into that one so far. I have put together a bunch of ideas but since it is such an open ended question, I need to pick wisely and be on top form when writing that one. Therefore I decided to work on the Wharton ones instead.

Thankfully, the Wharton essays are rather more straightforward than the HBS ones. Essay 1 is a combination of “Why Wharton” and a Goals essay. Essay 2 can be paraphrased as “What can you contribute to Wharton”. Since I have given some thought to my goals and done a bit of research into Wharton recently I decided to start with Essay 1.

I have to say my first attempt at sitting down to outline my essays was not that successful. This mainly had to do with a) the Lions vs Australia game (which was a phenomenal game by the way) and b) Wimbledon. I am totally a sucker for any kind of sport on TV so inevitable I was distracted. In end, I managed a couple of hours working on Essay 1. Surprisingly, for someone who does not write prose at work on a day to day basis, I managed to put some lines down on paper relatively quickly. Not to say it was particularly good but at least it is a start. I recall from my University days that most of my written work required numerous rewrites. So long as the basic information is there, I can slowly chip away and polish the essay. I must say, at this point in time the thought of writing essays for 6 schools is rather daunting indeed!

Best of luck to all those out there who are starting work on their essays too!

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