The Contender(s) – Part 2

First of all, I have to apologise for the slight delay in writing this post. I appreciate Part 1 was quite a while ago! Without further ado, Part 2 of the list is below:

4. Fuqua

Why? Team Fuqua. This is the driving force behind the school. It has a tight-knit community with a big emphasis on collaboration. It also offers the quintessential college town experience of Durham. As I continue my research, I think I value the small town experience more and more. In terms of the curriculum, the international viewpoint of Fuqua stood out. This was reinforced during one of my conversation with a member of their admissions team. Finally as a huge sports fan, the opportunity to watch Coach K’s basketball team at the Cameron Indoor Stadium cements Fuqua on my list.

 5. Harvard Business School

Why? Having just recently attended an info session in London, I must admit I was blown away. The quality of the current studnets and alumni stood out. For example one of the alumni present was Rytis Vitkauskas, founder of YPlan. Another element I liked was that HBS really focuses on leadership and making a difference. In fact, it empowers its students to go and do exactly that. While HBS’s reliance on case method is well publicised, I actually really like the FIELD element in their curriculum. Throw in the top notch faculty, it is easy to see why HBS is seen as the gold standard for MBAs. That is not to say there are no downsides to HBS. I personally prefer smaller classes and college towns. However I would say on balance there are more upsides than downsides. I am realistic though in terms of my chances for the school, it is a reach and all I can do is apply and see what happens.

6. Booth/Wharton/No school at all?


Why? Where I should be talking about my last choice, I am actually still rather undecided. One of the reasons behind the indecision is that it is finally dawning on me the amount of work ahead and that I should only apply to a) the schools I really want to go to and b) the right number of schools without damaging the quality of my apps. If I were to apply to a 6th school, it would be Booth or Wharton. I have not done enough research on either school to really choose one. Booth’s strength in economics and finance appeals to me. However, the fact that the students mostly live downtown does not. Wharton’s analytical focus marries well with my strength but its large class size and location does not necessarily fit my criteria. However with more research to be done, either school could jump out and really scream “pick me”. Alternatively it may be that I will keep my list at 5 rather than 6.

So there you have it. My (almost finished) short list of schools. Even though there is still uncertainty over whether I will apply to 5 or 6 schools, I am pretty happy with my list and looking forward to the apps going live!

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5 Responses to The Contender(s) – Part 2

  1. hamm0 says:

    Good list domo. The question is, what’s your number 1?

  2. domotron says:

    Now isn’t that the million dollar question! At these point I have some which are slightly ahead but I don’t think there is one school that is way ahead. I’m still planning to do a trip out to the East coast later this year and that should help me rank them. I guess the key for me is that I would go to any of the schools I have listed rather than having a safety school where I may not.

  3. Out of curiosity, have you considered the Stanford GSB for that 6th spot? I completely fell in love with the school and the culture when I visited. I also just started a blog ( about my future experiences at the GSB, since I will be starting this coming fall. The goal of my blog is to share the day to day experiences I have getting prepared for the program and actually being on campus. I’m hoping this will help prospective applicants decide if the GSB is a good fit, since it can be tough to a get feel for a program just through the official website/blog. Anyway, if you have any questions, or want someone to try and convince you that you should consider the GSB, let me know! Also, if you want to add me to your blog roll I certainly wouldn’t mind… : )

    • domotron says:

      Hi. Thanks for the comment. I did originally consider Stanford GSB and Haas but funnily enough it was the location that removed them from my list. The idea of 2 years in Cali is certainly appealing but unfortunately for family reasons, I wanted to be East Coast or Chicago. I’m happy to add you onto my blogroll. Hopefully you can reciprocate!

      • Well, it took a depressingly long time for me to figure out how to set up a blogroll, but now you’re on it! As for california being pretty far from the east coast, I completely agree – the atmosphere/distance from family will probably be the best/worst part of my two years. Definitely let me know if you change your mind though!

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