Crafting an Elevator Pitch

As I start filling out the online portion of the HBS application, it dawned on me the size of the task involved. Because there is only one essay and its limitations, the online portion has become even more important in that it needs to demonstrate my qualities to the Adcoms. This brings me onto the title of the post. With the number of applications and the highly competitive nature, my application really needs to stand out. In order to do that, a reader should be able to reduce the entire application down to an elevator pitch. This elevator pitch is in essence what your candidacy is about. It will contain some if not all of following facts:

  • Professional Experience
  • Academics
  • Extracurriculars
  • Values
  • Cultural experience
  • Your motivation for an MBA
  • Differentiators from your peer group

By having the important elements shine through the application, it will hopefully help to make my application more memorable and also stand out from similar applications in the same applicant pool. The difficulty lies in making sure the elevator pitch comes through clear and loud in my applications. It will need to be tweaked from school to school because some qualities will resonate from strongly than others for each school.

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