Ready, Set, Go!

Admission Director Dee Leopold has released the essay question (or lack thereof) for HBS this year. See the link below:

All I can say is wow! It is a curveball of an essay question. Not least because it is not even compulsory. Throw in the open ended nature of the question and the lack of a word limit, it is definitely a though-provoking essay prompt. I wonder how many will take the brave decision of not submitting an essay and applying purely on the basis of their raw stats. I have a feeling that might happen for a few who run out of time prior to the deadlines.

Another change is the reduction of recommenders from 3 to 2. I think this is a good development personally. This is more in line with other schools and I think it makes the job of prepping and managing recommenders a bit easier.

While HBS was not on part 1 of my short list, they will be featuring on part 2. I’m going to have to put some serious work in to develop ideas and think about how I will tackle this essay!

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