The Contender(s) – Part 1

So here it is, part 1 of my short list of b-schools that I will be applying to this Autumn. List is in no particular order with my thoughts on each school and why I am applying.

1. Kellogg

Why? Despite the aesthetics of the Donald P Jacobs Center (see above), Kellogg has stood out from day 1 of the research process. During every interaction I have had with alumni and current students, they have all been gracious with their time and generous with their advice and insight into the school. The famous collaborative and friendly nature of Kellogg, while not for everyone, was always on show and definitely appeals to me. Finally the location is right blend of college town, Evanston, and big city, easy access to Chicago. My experiences so far have definitely made me think they are my type of people. Oh and also Big Ten football .. Go Wildcats!

2. Tuck

Why? The idea of being in an idyllic college town like Hanover really appeals to me. This really creates the opportunity of bonding closely with your class mates and being completely immersed in the experience. At the same time it is only 3 hours away from Boston by bus. The type of people that Tuck attracts in fact seem to be very similar to the type of people at Kellogg. Once you throw in the small class size, strong alumni network and skiing opportunities, Tuck really stands out and definitely makes the short list. Hopefully I can organise a trip to visit Hanover and take advantage of the open interview period this Autumn.

3. LBS

Why? As I mentioned in my previous post, LBS really made a good impression during my visits. It really helps to have this fantastic school only a short tube ride away. The trait that  sets LBS exudes is its diversity and international outlook. For a school located in a big city, the students are in fact remarkably tight-knit and the clubs are incredibly active.

There ends the first part of my short list. I imagine the part 2 will be a lot tougher to write as I still need to do more research into my remaining options. I do have a few info sessions lined up now that should hopefully help me make my mind up!

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4 Responses to The Contender(s) – Part 1

  1. hugoness says:

    Hello Domotron,

    I am researching schools myself right now and also have a like for small, tight-knit “comunities” such as Tuck or Kellogg… and I wanted to ask you if you ever considered Yale and, in case you have, why you ruled it out, since you are clearly ahead of me in terms of school-knowledge.

    Let me say that I have found your blog very interesting.


    • domotron says:

      Hi Hugoness

      Thanks for your kind words. I have considered Yale and it may yet sneak in as a R2 school. However the key for me was the network and whether I can leverage that to return to the UK. Yale, being quite a young business school, did not quite fit that criteria. However, it is definitely a rising school with Ted Snyder on board as the Dean. I do think that because of the Yale name, the acceptance rate is low compared to its ranking at the moment.

      • hugoness says:

        Hi again,

        Thanks for your insght, of course you are right in what you say. Although I see a lot of potencial with the arrival of Ted Snyder and considering the powerhouse university that is behind.

        If you don´t mid i will add a link in my blog to yours,


      • domotron says:

        Sure go ahead!

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