And now we play the waiting game …

Slowly but surely the deadlines for the Autumn (not Fall, I’m British) 2014 application season are being released. A good summary of the deadlines as they are released can be found here. One thing I have noticed is that the deadlines for some schools have crept forwards. For instance HBS’s R1 deadline is now mid September!

As for the essays, a handful of schools have released their essays but none of them are on my currently fluid list of target schools. One school that is likely to be on it, HBS, have stated that the application will be released next week! So it looks like it’s going to really get going very soon. Even though the essays/applications for the other schools have not been released, unlike Cookie Monster above, I haven’t actually been sitting around doing nothing. At the start of the process, I sort of compiled a mental “what I need to do to get accepted into an MBA program” list. Currently with #1 done, I am tackling #2 and #3:

  1. Take GMAT
  2. Research Schools + Pick a final list of 6 to apply to
  3. Self-reflection + document raw materials for essays
  4. Write essays + fill in applications
  5. Get admitted

#2 is an ongoing process . A number of schools are coming to London for information sessions and coffee chats during the summer. This will give me a better understanding of their qualities on top of information available on their websites and from the forums. I do have one gripe though, two schools (naming no names) have decided to put their information sessions on the same evening at opposite ends of London. Come on guys! That really isn’t helpful.

#3 is actually quite fun. I have a notepad which I carry with me everywhere. As and when I think of something, I am adding to it. Hopefully this will give me some good raw material to work on for my essays.

As for my list of schools, while it is as I mentioned before a fluid list, it is slowly taking shape. I am pretty set with 5 of the 6 that I will apply to. The last one will be a tough choice as I have 3 possible candidates.

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