No more GMAT

740! It’s finally over.A88mhPjSo in my previous post I mentioned that I probably wouldn’t retake my GMAT since 710 is a perfectly respectable score. Also frankly I didn’t want to be “that guy” that complains about a perfectly good score and fixate on the GMAT. However after some consideration and noting that it fell below the median scores of some of my target schools, I decided to retake.

Today was the retake day and I am delighted to say I scored a 740 (Q48, V44). I honestly have no idea where that verbal score came from as I had never scored more than V41 during my practice tests. In terms of what I did between the last test and today’s retake, I really can’t put a finger on it. I generally took quite a laid back approach of reviewing the medium to hard questions on the OG13. I did notice that I instinctively noticed the trap answers quicker and this helped. So apologies to people looking for the holy grail on how to improve your verbal score dramatically, I really can’t pin down what improved my score other than a little bit more practice!

So after finally achieving a GMAT score that I am comfortable with and is above the median for my targets schools, I can set aside my books and move onto the next stage of my preparation for the upcoming application season.

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