My visits to London Business School

Since I live in Londoner, I have had the opportunity to visit London Business School (LBS) a couple of times earlier this year. My experience with the school so far has been excellent. It has no far lived up to its reputation as one of the premier European business schools.

In terms of the specific traits of LBS, the one that stands out from the off is its international outlook. It evidently prides itself on the diversity in its class of students and variety of industries the students come from. The school put together a panel of current students and alumni from Spain, Brazil, UK, US, Brazil and India to answer our questions. During my second visit, this was also evident from the different nationalities of the future applicants.

From my conversations with current students and alumni, they were all extremely enthusiastic about their time at LBS. From the collaborative nature of the programme to the fact that LBS has its own pub (definitely a plus), they really did not have any complaints. One of the major pluses is the fact that the programme is extremely flexible. This meant that a number of alumni actually had more than one internship, giving them an opportunity to try working in different industries. In fact only one problem stood out, the space or lack thereof. Due to the fact the building is fairly old, there was a space issue in terms of meeting rooms etc. However since it is at the heart of central London and next to Regent’s Park, there is no shortage of cafes and other space to use.

During my second visit, LBS put on a class on VC investment with a short case. This was taught by Professor John Mullins. This was probably my favourite part of the visit. It really gave me an insight as to what business school lectures are like. We were encouraged to give our views on the case and defend our stance if necessary. This was my first experience of a (somewhat scaled down) case method class and I am pretty sure I like that style of teaching. Whether I would say if I had a 3 case day is somewhat debatable!

In conclusion, I think the likelihood is that it will end up on my final list of 6 schools to apply to. Even though it was the first school I visited, LBS has definitely set a high benchmark for the other schools.

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